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Freshly groomed natural snow

Caberfae Peaks Ski Conditions -

UPDATED 3/19/23

BASE: up to 30"
7.5" last 48 hrs; 145.5" YTD


Slope Notes

We received another 4.5" of new snow yesterday during the day yesterday, bringing the 48 hour total to 7.5 inches. The forecast is calling for increasing sunshine and a high of 34 today. Enjoy the sunshine and incredible snow conditions. March Madness Season Pass Sale! Ski or Ride the rest of this season for only $99!

March 18 & 19th - 9am to 4:30pm
March 20-24th - Not Operating
March 25 & 26th - 9am to 4:30pm

MacKenzie XC Ski Trail

Updated: Feb 23rd - 5-6 inches of snow has fallen and we’ve groomed it into all but the very outer loops.  The XC skiing is really good with the exception of a few wet spots where some dirt and leaves are coming through.  Learn more about the MacKenzie Trail here.

Freshly groomed light base

Cadillac Pathway Conditions -  

Winter Sports Trail

UPDATED 3/10/23:

Groomed mid day after receiving a few inches of snow. Riding on Friday was awesome. Expect Saturday to be equally as good. There are sections of dirt and sections of a thin base but your fat tire will go through it just fine. Support our volunteer grooming efforts today!

XC Ski Trail

UPDATED 3/10/23:

XC Trail - Groomed this evening. Expect sections to be great and others to not be. Sections that are close to where they logged a couple of years ago get a lot of sun exposure and the warm weather and sun this past week has left those areas bare. But there is some fun to be had. No more grooms planned unless we get more snow.

We Have Snow! Logo

Snowmobile Report -

UPDATED 3/18/23

Base: 0-2" inches

PAST 24 Hrs: 3"
CONDITIONS: Poor to Fair

More Details

Maybe the last ride for the season? Got about 3” so far, with a few more expected...won’t last long with upcoming temps, so get out and play while you can!
Stay tuned for grooming updates.


Ice Fishing Report -

UPDATED 3/2/23

Much of the snow from earlier in the week is turning to slush on top. There seems to be more slush over by the coves on Mitchell and by Kenwood park on Cadillac. All that weight on top is pushing down on the ice so water will rush up out of your holes. SUBTRACT about 3/4" from the waterline on the tape measure to get a closer idea of the actual ice thickness. More updates from Pilgrim Village Fishing Shop.


Share your fun winter photos with us using the hashtag #CaptureCadillac and we may feature them here!


Walk, Run, Hike & Bike – Here are the Top 7 Scenic Routes in Cadillac

By Dave Foley: Tired of running the same old routes? If you’re visiting Cadillac you can go out every day for a week, never take the same route twice and start each one within five miles of downtown.#1 Keith McKellop Walkway (2 Miles) Probably the best known is the...

Take a 5 Day Golf Trip to Cadillac, Michigan

There are eight dynamic courses within 30 minutes of Cadillac. While each offers a unique golfing experience, they share the special beauty that is unique to this area, feature well-cared for courses and friendly, welcoming service. Each course is easily accessible...

Making Maple Syrup in Northern Michigan

Spring is here! The birds are singing, suns shining, temperatures are rising and sap is running. It's maple syrup season out here in northern Michigan and we’re getting after it! My family has been making syrup in the Cadillac area for 50 years! From the time I could...

It’s Springtime in Cadillac, Michigan!

Now that the cold winter is coming to an end, the sunny spring season is just beginning! Cadillac’s beautiful nature and scenery can be appreciated with countless activities around the area. Whether you are downtown, in a park, or on a golf course, the ability to...

Walking the Clam River Greenway

The Clam River Greenway is a 1.6 mile paved trail that takes visitors from the CASA soccer fields to a couple Lake Cadillac trails. The trail is 10 feet wide and covers multiple boardwalks, bridges, and snakes with the Clam River through its entirety. "Walking and...

Explore the Cadillac Heritage Trail

Cadillac Heritage Trail is a 3.5-mile nature trail managed by Mitchell State Park. It can be accessed from the Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center.  The benefits of hiking are well documented, showing that seniors who hike regularly experience: Improved...


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