Current over-all leaf color saturation for our region: 75-100%

The diverse elevation of the Cadillac area allows our region to have color longer than most! Both Route 3, the Pine River Route and Route 4, the Lake City Route, offer low rolling hills alongside open farms giving visitors vistas of cascading rows and valleys with beautiful mixtures of purple, red, orange and yellow. Dutchman Tree farms Christmas tree plantation on Route 4 offers amazing contrasts from hilly vistas and puffy clouds on bright skies; while the river meanders with openings along Route 3 to take your breath away. Take a trip to Cadillac, stay in town, explore these routes and take in rural American cuisine with Dutch and German flair.

Route 1 – Lakes Cadillac & Mitchell, with Route 2 – Hodenpyle Dam Area are the greenest of the 4 routes right now and are estimated to peak over the next 7-10 days.

Featured Photo Credit: Montage Media

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