My son Ben exercising some extreme social distancing.

As of last night, The local update shows 80 pts in the total Munson area. 6 confirmed in Cadillac. 13 admitted with Covid to one of the 3 hospitals (TC, Cadillac, Grayling). And 4 people have passed because of it.
Munson has raised the Pandemic Response Level to orange (it goes blue, green, yellow, orange. Then red.) Orange means they feel there is widespread local spread of the virus. This means tighter restrictions on who can go in to the hospitals, masking for everyone if they go in, including all staff all the time, and further preparation ramp-ups for the coming potential rush. There will be very little going on there that is not related to this virus except emergencies and they will be possibly sent elsewhere. The virus is king right now.

A surge is expected at some point. The next 12-14 days are going to be critical. Despite some of the recent naysayers there IS going to be a lot more of this here. Just how ‘flat’ the curve is is what remains to be determined. If we never get hit hard enough to overwhelm our system, then we, all of us, did our jobs. If we do get swamped, it won’t be because we didn’t prepare.
Locally, hats off and deep bow to Dr Joe Santangelo, who along with Dr Jim Whelan, have done an incredible job leading these efforts. Tonya Smith, the hospital CEO, has shown flexible and resilient leadership as well, balancing all of the many things that are all wanting priority. There has been a TON of work to get ready. The distancing efforts and closures of everything bought them some time, time that Detroit didn’t get. They’ve used it. Now we pretty much will wait to see how well it worked. I’m not sure how much more can be done.

You gotta stay home. But you gotta stay sane too. Use your phone when you can to keep connected but if you are going to interact just do it at a very safe distance, always outside, with your mask on.
Get outside though. Its good for you and it’s safe.

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