Explore the eastern Cadillac Area as we take you to quaint communities the the lakes around Lake Missaukee.

Sights: Manton | Lake Missaukee | Lake City

The The Missaukee Route will take you on a 32 mile trip (add-on 15 miles if going out to True Riches towards Houghton Lake).  As you venture north out of Downtown Cadillac, you will arrive to Manton and Latitude 44, a quaint shopping area in the village of Manton.  From here, you will turn east on M-42 towards Lake City. The rolling country roads provide spectacular views of fall color before arriving in Lake City, home to numerous attractions, foodie stops and Lake Missaukee. Venture back along M55 and explore downtown Cadillac to end the day.

FALL COLOR UPDATE: We Are Now Passing Peak - October 21, 2020

Current over-all Leaf color saturation for our Region: 75-100%+
The Cadillac area, inland and towards the west, all have peaked and most trees are holding their leaves quite well. As they hold, they have become darker in color, while still looking more vibrant than past years. If you have not yet taken a color drive, this year is a MUST. All four routes in the area are in full color bloom, and shedding an amazing crunchy, wispy and fall fragrant bed on the forest floor. Most trails are wet, but not super muddy since the rains that have some, where short, while the cool evenings have kept them damp, so dress in layers and wear warm shoes.



Some top fall color sights along the Missaukee Route…



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