So I’m getting lots of texts and questions, understandably. So I’m going to try and update you a bit as far as how things went today locally.
Bizarro world around here, actually, as people are cancelling routine appointments and we are doing a lot on the phone. Elective surgeries and pretty much anything non-urgent at the hospital are being cancelled this week. And as things are shutting down people are not sure what to do. So the phones are busy.
However, Right now, as far as I’m aware, there are no reported cases of Covid19 up here. Yet.

So if you develop symptoms of cough, fever, sore throat, the plan is to call your family doctor’s office (that would be us, if you’re one of our patients. If you don’t have a family doctor, we can work on that and I’ll get you one. Message me)
Once you call we will get the story and We will then tell you what to do.
If you’ve had a known exposure, or have been traveling, we are probably going to send you thru the mobile testing center set up at the hospital. They will call you and tell you when to drive there. a nurse will come out and swab your nose with a q-tip for influenza and Covid. Then you go home and wait for results, in quarantine. Right now currently as of Wednesday there are very few tests available.
If you haven’t traveled or don’t know anyone with this infection, and your symptoms are mild, 1) you probably don’t have it and 2) you won’t likely be getting tested unless the symptoms get severe. Stay home and we will try and check in on you daily. There are still only a limited number of test kits so we are trying to triage who really needs it.
If you do come to see us, a nurse will screen you at the door. If you’re coughing, You’ll get a mask and we will keep you in your car until we are ready to bring you back to a room.
I’ll be wearing a mask and probably gloves and I’m going to examine you quickly with minimal contact (if you wanted that yearly prostate exam it probably ain’t happenin’). We may test you for flu or strep here. And we can also send you for xray or further testing at the hospital. Really sick folks we will send in, though I don’t think we had anyone today to the ER.

Lots of anxiety out there. Lots of fear. Lots of people feeling helpless.
It IS scary—for us too. I don’t want to get this sh*t either. But There is only so much we can do to prepare and prevent. And if you let this thing beat you mentally then that’s a loss you CAN prevent.
Did the Germans win after they bombed Pearl Harbor?!!!! Hell no!!!
(And if any of you millennials respond by telling me the Japanese actually bombed Pearl Harbor, now would be the perfect time for to you turn on Netflix and watch ‘Animal House’ and get some proper culture, you sanctimonious little turds).

So anyway, Put your phone down, it’s just making you more anxious. Go outside. Take a walk. Work out. Make a great dinner. Watch ‘Caddyshack’. Then pick up your phone to use it like it was intended and call any elderly people in your life, check on them.
Bottom line, stay positive and live your life. Just do it at home. We will get thru this.

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