Good morning everyone! I was a bit overwhelmed from the response from that post yesterday. Dare I say it went a little VIRAL??!! (“Oh he did NOT just go there. Cheeky bastard.”).
Anyway, I was going to post again later today with some follow up but based on some new developments last night I got this out this morning instead.
So, it’s here. Not in Cadillac, yet. But in northern Michigan. A case in Gaylord and one in Leelanau (which, btw, is probably the last place I’d think this would show up, but hey, people travel and probably brought it home).
So before anyone’s head explodes, please realize that the Health Department, the Munson medical personnel, and everyone else that needs to be involved is all over this like white on rice. These folks have been isolated and their contacts are being identified and isolated as well. But that’s all I really know.

So take a deep breath. Look around. Nothing has really changed. We knew this was coming and now it’s here. If you were planning on going to work today then you should still go. And thank you, btw. Crap still needs to get done. Bills don’t pay themselves. And every single workplace is stressed out by this. So keep your distance from people and (I’m sorry. ‘Blah blah blah wash your hands, yeah. We got it’) yes wash your hands.
If you’re staying home then get up and start getting in a routine. Shower. Get dressed—no jammies. Make the bed. And make a list of crap you wanna get done today. It might be just ‘get and sort the mail’ but hey desperate times, desperate measures in the fight against boredom.
If you’ve got kids at home, get them into a routine as well. Do NOT let them sit in front of a screen all day cuz a lot of them will if you let them. They’ve got homework by now, it’s time to start it. Give the spoiled little monkeys some chores or home projects to do. Little ones can start an art project or giant push-the-envelope puzzle. Teach them something later they don’t know how to do—cook something, balance the checkbook, change the oil. But bottom line use the time and keep busy.
I wanted to say one more thing though that came up in yesterday’s post and that is please do NOT forego medical care because you’re afraid to go out. My fear is someone is going to sit on an appendicitis or a pneumonia or even a strep throat and get sicker. (Though now might not be the time to finally treat that toenail fungus that’s been there for 20 years, especially if you are over 70 or have other medical conditions.)
But We are all still here, ready to go and still able to see you to help. And I can promise you that, in our local offices at least, that we are doing everything we can to protect you (and us!) while you are there.
Remember, this is a contact spread virus. I can’t make any guarantees but it’s very unlikely You will get this sitting in the waiting room or in the exam room (we will continue to keep the wait room time as low as possible. If we are running late we will have you wait in your car).
Don’t touch your face. Probably not the time to go poppin’ a Tic Tac from your purse. Leave the coffee in the car. And yes wash your hands when you get into the room, then use the Most Precious Commodity On Earth (the Holy hand sanitizer) on the way out and then wash your hands AGAIN when you get home.

Bottom line, stay calm. Let the professionals do their jobs. We’ve never seen anything like this before and it could still get ugly. But you have a pretty damn competent and effective local healthcare system and we are committed to avoid the mistakes others have made.
Stay home as much as you can, have a great busy day, and Go State.

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