This article above is the best summary of recommendations I can find. It’s from NPR, basically quoting the CDC.
There are a lot of crummy things and unsubstantiated stuff floating around the internet right now. But I think this is legit.
I think if we do this stuff we’ve got a chance to minimize the damage. Parts of this country are going to get hit hard. And We won’t escape it unscathed. But I think up here at least we’re doing what we can from a system standpoint—the rest is up to individuals and families to decide how much risk they are going to take.
12 new cases reported in the state of Michigan today. Up to 65 total. None in Wexford county. Yet.
That’s good news since I’m guessing most of these were people tested on Friday or Saturday and the results just now coming in. At least up here, I think, there’s been even more closings and isolation since then so I look at that as a positive.
But this hasn’t even begun yet for us.

Btw, I appreciate all the support you’ve shown me in my previous posts and I’ll try and keep em coming. If you know me at all you certainly know I won’t bullsh*t you. But I am no expert. And I can really only speak to what I see locally, on the front lines of a small town in a small practice in northern Michigan, that has so far been uninfected. I have essentially the same information available to me as to you.
I’m Not going to get political on this, though if you want my opinion on that I’ll suffice to say that the level of ineptitude being displayed at the national level and the absolute vacuum of leadership there has been breathtaking. This battle will now be won or lost at the local and state level. And for the most part, for 49601 and the surrounding areas, we have been lucky to have early strong leadership and, after a 12 hour day of seeing 20+ people in the office with 1/2 a million phone calls, most people seem to be following along.
Our single biggest problem as your doctors, today and going forward, is our inability to test you. If you call with symptoms and want a test, and I completely understand if you do, we cannot secure you one. Simply Because there are very few and the ones the hospital has left are being reserved for people with 1) travel from known international hotspots 2) exposure to known Covid19 pts and 3) super sick people without any other reason to be sick in the ICU. That’s it. That’s all that we can test right now. I have no special pull or influence. And don’t yell at my nurses or us if that’s what you’re told. We can do zero about it except put you on a waiting list and call you back when tests become available and we will try and call and check on you daily.
Our challenge is trying to figure who to see in our office. Trying to weed out the people who have other problems from those who might have Covid. We really don’t want to bring you in here if you have it and, guess what,—we were busy BEFORE all this happened and people are still getting sick from all the routine crap they got before. Today I had two pneumonias, a severe bronchitis/COPD flare up and a case of strep throat. When those people called, their symptoms were fever, cough, fatigue and sore throat. Sound familiar?
So be patient. Your doctors up here are doing their best. We aren’t perfect and we’ve never been trained in Pandemic Medicine. Be detailed in your histories and don’t get nasty with my girls when they ask you bunches of questions. That’s what we’ve trained them to do and let me tell you I will transform into 100% all papa bear if you take out your frustration on my staff. Cool it.
If you are ill with mild symptoms we will walk you thru it. But likely we are going to have you—-wait for it—-STAY AT HOME and isolate.

Be calm. There is zero to gain from panic. You will make rash decisions if you do and it will likely hurt you or your neighbors and loved ones. Take the steps listed in that article and stay the hell home as much as you can. If you have questions, we are happy to try and answer them but there may be a wait so be patient (lol lord knows you’ve probably got time).
That’s all tonite. I’m gonna drink a glass of red wine and build a fire in my fireplace and I’ll be there again tomorrow.
Be nice to each other and stay home.

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