So at the risk of giving you all a really bad case of Kevin Posting Fatigue Syndrome (KPFS), I guess I’ll keep going. Sorry no new picture—I guess I’ll work on that. People want info not another picture of me.
I don’t have any new Covid19 updates. Check at noon. They release the new numbers every day then.
Just be careful what you read on the internet. Stick with the known trusted sources, not the conspiracy theorists. The amount of garbage being written is unbelievable. I’ll try to do my part to filter what I can for you.
I did read on Facebook that people are saying there are cases here in Cadillac. There very well may be but I do not think that is confirmed. I had a phone conference with hospital leadership this morning and it did not come up. (Not that I’m necessarily your local Ron Burgundy with my finger on the minute to minute pulse of things either).
I can confirm they are continuing to do everything possible to get ready for the crap to hit the fan. Biggest issue is PPE (personal protective equipment) shortages and still trying to get more testing. Trust me, they are working on both. Everywhere. Just gotta give it a bit of time—can’t just go down to the Pandemic Supply Store and pick up a batch.

So I’m going to instead talk about what to do if you DO get this. Or one of the ten million viruses that are circulating and mimic the symptoms. (Some of this may be basic to some of you so just skim it if you need to.)

Remember antibiotics don’t work for a virus. So if you call us for a z pack for your cough it probably won’t do anything for you. We can’t kill ANY virus. Sad truth. Name a virus—HIV, herpes, chickenpox (shingles), influenza, Ebola, coronavirus. Can’t kill it. Just gotta ride it out until your immune system clears it.
So we CAN help with some symptoms but from an evidence based standpoint they don’t have a ton of efficacy either (btw I’m talking about upper respiratory viruses here. If you get Ebola and your symptoms are massive hemorrhaging out your rectum there ain’t a lot we can do for that. But unless you’re a monkey trainer in the Congo right now don’t worry about Ebola).
But with that being said I’ve had my share of upper respiratory viruses myself (occupational hazard) and I’ll tell you what I usually recommend.
There are a lot of otc products out there. And what you buy should be dictated by your symptoms. If you have cough get a product with dextromethorphan (‘DM’) in it. That is a cough suppressant. Generally well tolerated though some get sleepy. If you combine that with guafenisin (Mucinex DM), that’s something that is a mucolytic (ie a snot thinner), it can be helpful.
There are some stronger prescription things for cough too including codeine. But you gotta talk to us about that. I don’t have time to open up that baggage compartment on those so that’s going to be up to your doctor to decide.
If you have nasal congestion, then you can possibly try a decongestant. That’s Sudafed. It’s in a 100 other otc combos. Read the label. I personally get Mucinex D. Snot thinner plus decongestant. And you only need to take it twice daily (hey Mucinex makers—I’m pluggin’ your product. How bout at last some free samples).
Here’s the catch with decongestants. They often aren’t tolerated by everyone . They can make your heart rate faster, maybe even make you anxious. They can slightly raise your blood pressure. They can keep you up a bit. And weirdly they can make guys with bigger prostates have more difficulty peeing. If you are over 65 or if you’ve got some medical conditions check with your doctor on these before starting them. Also we don’t give them to kids. I usually use age 16 as my cut off.
AND though they are otc you have to ask the pharmacist for them cuz, if you were so obliged, you can make meth out of them. so in Michigan you do have to show ID and sign for them (disclaimer: don’t make meth please). These aren’t meds you want to live on forever but for a few days they can really help alleviate symptoms. They work for me though it does keep me up a bit.

So ibuprofen is great for fevers and pain. Stick with recommended doses on the bottles. You don’t need high doses like you just had your knee replaced. 400mg gets it done. Watch for stomach upset and take it with food.
Here’s the catch—the WHO just recently is now recommending NOT using ibuprofen for Covid. It appears to make it worse (what the hell. Really?). I guess if you don’t have Covid and you do likely have something else go ahead. If you are being quarantined for possible Covid then just use Tylenol.
So for Acetaminophen (same as Tylenol—btw, when you read the articles, they reference paracetamol. Same thing too. That’s what the Brits and Canucks call it) it will work too, especially for fever. Stick with recommended doses. I just think ibuprofen works better.

If you are getting sicker, and by that you’re having trouble breathing, chest pain, getting super weak, can’t drink, just feel like you are in a world of hurt, it’s time to check in. Like I said yesterday we still have people with pneumonia and other stuff. That’s why you have a phone. Call your doctor.

Crap. I gotta go to work. I’m the late shift today (btw we have compressed our hours. Normally 8-8 but now just til 5. Lots of people staying home for routine stuff. As they should).
Stay positive everyone. This thing is gonna change the way we live but there will be some things that may change for the better.
Just gotta get thru it. We just don’t know yet how ugly this is going to get. But it certainly has the potential to get REALLY ugly. So stay home, Hang in there and try and stay busy.

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