So the updates will continue.

This is Roscoe, btw. My dog. He was named after Roscoe P Coaltrain. If you don’t know who that is, it’s time to Netflix one of the greatest syndicated shows ever to grace the airwaves, ‘The Dukes of Hazard’. Roscoe loves the coronavirus btw. He gets more walks than he has ever had and his 3 kids are home all day.
I’m going to start with a disclaimer. Please don’t just rely on me as your only ‘reliable’ source of information. I’m flattered some of you feel that way. I probably lie somewhere between Dr Oz (“the only cure for coronavirus is to eat raw chicken, straight from the package. Make sure you drink the juice. But you know what’s worse than Covid? Dry skin. Go to my website and you can beat dry skin with my salve (a 4 oz tube only $79.95) made from ultra-endangered pangolin scales and the ears of the Galapagos tortoise” and Dr Sanjay Gupta, who is probably the best medical correspondent I’ve seen in modern times.
But there is just so much out there I can’t stay on top of all of it. I’m trying. And I will try and interpret things as I see them. I also have a pilot’s license but you wouldn’t want me landing your 747 flight into Ohare. Follow the CDC guidelines and the experts and I’ll try and interpret the best I can.

In Cadillac the latest updates are still no confirmed cases as of 1 pm today. And still only 2 confirmed in the Munson system. That’s good news but there are Still lots of tests that are pending and they are only trickling in from the labs down state. Some patients are still in the hospital being watched and tests are still pending on them too. But everything is still very much under control over there. Biggest issues are still lack of testing medium and projected shortages of PPE supplies. But preparations are continuously being tweaked as reports of what has worked and what hasn’t come in from across the country. Lines of communication are very much open between providers and the hospital.
So not much has changed.

A couple things I’ve seen:

My wife Kathleen was sent a video this morning asserting that coronavirus can be killed by temperatures over 133 degrees. (Which very well may be true). So they were recommending we stick hair dryers up our nose 2x a day for 5 minutes to prevent infection and 5x a day if we have the infection. Meanwhile, you’re supposed to squirt yourself in the face simultaneously with a spray bottle of water so you don’t dry out.
Ummmmm……no. If this ends up being recommended by the CDC…..well, I guess my good friend and ENT physician Dr. Skip Kendell is going to be very busy with nasal passage 2nd degree burn management. Good lord.

The other thing is something circulating about stopping BP meds due to the fact they are making it worse. This is pretty fresh so I haven’t heard anything solid . I’m guessing it has to do with the fact that the virus connects to something called ACE receptors in the nose and throat. There are BP meds called ACE inhibitors that bind to ACE receptors in the kidneys. Totally different receptor. Totally different process. I will be pass-out-on-the-floor shocked if this correlation is true.
Bottom line—if you are on meds for hypertension DO NOT STOP THEM. If the CDC tells you to do that then call your doctor to find out what to do. There are lots of different BP meds, this correlation sounds like 🐴💩 and we DO know that hypertension is a risk factor for bad outcomes. In fact, please DO make sure you have enough of ALL of your meds so we can get them for you if you don’t. DON’T. STOP. YOUR. MEDS (unless your doctor tells you to. Duh).

Still lots of on-line chatter about chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. I think there may be something that may come of this down the road but 1) there isn’t enough evidence and 2) there isn’t enough of these meds. It will first 1) have to be proven to be effective with a bigger trial and 2) a giant ramp-up of production by our pharmaceutical industry. We know zero about dose, frequency, length of treatment. And like I said yesterday these meds aren’t without some issues. So it’s nice that there may be something that may help reduce viral transmission. But right now it’s still pie in the sky from what I’ve seen.

Finally, and I’m going to tread carefully here, but lots of questions about people on chemotherapy and immune-modulating drugs. The bottom line is we just don’t know. It’s going to come down to a case by case basis. I am not going to give you advice about whether or not you should still go to chemo. Or stop your injectable biological drugs for your RA. You need to ask your specialist about what you should do. If you are one of my pts and you’ve done that and they say ‘I don’t know. Ask your family doctor’, (which has already happened btw) then call here and we can go over it.

Ok. Enough for today. Good grief. Say a prayer for the heroes in the ERs, the ICUs, the hospital medical wards across the country who are scrambling around doing their best on short sleep and crappy supplies of PPE to keep people alive.
That still hasn’t happened here yet. So stay at home as much as you can so hopefully it doesn’t get that way. But this is likely to last awhile so get ready to have a stay-at-home spring.

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