Explore the two lakes right in the heart of Cadillac and the hot spots for fall along the way! 

The Cadillac Lakes Route takes you on an 18-mile trip around both of our lakes right in the heart of the greater Cadillac Area.  Beginning in the heart of Cadillac at the Cadillac Commons, you can drive along the southern shore of both Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell before turning north along the western edge of Lake Cadillac. The beautiful route will take you into the Manistee National Forest to the west and pop you back out into an area known as “Cadillac West” where you can stop at the Mitchell State Park, Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center and the Heritage Nature Trail.

Interactive Route Map

Select the points below to learn more and explore the 18 miles of roads that circle these two inland lakes in the heart of Cadillac.

Current Color Update Along The Route


Weekly Update: September 20th, 2021

We have a beautiful fall in store for everyone this year. Warm temperatures have paved the way for great times in the great outdoors. We continue to see small clusters of trees beginning to turn, and with some cooler overnight temps in the coming week, we are going to start to feel like fall really quick, and the color will start to pop along our two routes. Stay up to date on the latest by   subscribing to our weekly fall color updates where we will give you the latest information and user photos from across the area. We can't wait to see you in the area this fall!


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