Welcome to The Social District!

Remember to drink responsibly, explore our local businesses and enjoy your time in Downtown Cadillac!

Social District Hours: 10 a.m. and 12 a.m. Sunday through Saturday. Smoking is prohibited within the Social District.


Patrons of participating restaurants and bars within this district may purchase, carry, and consume an open alcoholic beverage in an approved plastic container (up to 16 oz. in size) with official Cadillac Social District logo and logo of the business where the beverage was purchased. Only beer, wine, and mixed cocktails are permitted – no shots.

We kindly remind you to dispose of your cups in the appropriate trash bins and help to keep our downtown streets and park areas clean!


Participating Locations

Patrons must purchase the alcoholic beverages from a qualified licensee in an approved container.

The following is prohibited within the Cadillac Social District:

  • Carrying and/or consumption within any public right of way where vehicles are permitted to travel, except within areas marked and/or signaled for pedestrian traffic.
  • Carrying and/or consumption within a parking lot, whether or not owned or operated by the City.
  • Carrying and/or consumption within the interior confines of any business located within the district, except within the licensed premises from which the approved container was purchased.
  • Open alcohol purchased from an unqualified establishment within the confines of the district.


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