It’s time to explore the trail diversity the Cadillac Area has to offer. There are so many ways to explore trails in our area!


The Cadillac area offers over 200 miles of trails year around. Whether you are hiking, biking or walking, we have a trail for you. All of our trails have public access with either free parking, or MDNR recreation pass parking. Click on the trail systems below for trail maps, amenities and tips. Enjoy your trip!

Our well maintained trail systems are one of our greatest resources in the Cadillac area. In 2022, Cadillac received the Pure Michigan Trail Town designation!


Five Scenic In-and-Out Hikes Along the North Country Trail

The 4600 mile North Country Trail (NCT), beginning in Maine and running to North Dakota, passes through Michigan. More than 100 miles of it are within 40 miles of Cadillac. With so many miles of trail available, deciding where to go could be a problem. But wherever...

Urban Escapes: 3 Short Walks Close to Cadillac

When you think of getting out for some exercise in  the Cadillac area, the favorite places are the White Pine Trail, the paths at the Carl T. Johnson Outdoor Center, the Clam River Greenway, and the Keith McKellop Walkway. But there are several other local nature...

2 Long Hikes for Backpacking Campers

With over a hundred miles of the North Country Trail passing within 40 miles of Cadillac and miles of meandering pathways on Huron -Manistee National Forest lands, hikers have plenty of places to explore. There's no shortage of one-way hikes - walks that are...

Striking Gold in the Cadillac Area This Morel Mushroom Season

Hey everyone, it's Joe and today I have a story to share with you about my recent morel mushroom hunting expedition. Now, normally I'd be hyped up to tell you about my epic haul of these elusive fungi, but unfortunately, this time around, I came up empty-handed. Yep,...

Improvements Being Made to the Carl T. Johnson Nature Preserve

Published by the Cadillac Area Land Conservancy Not to be confused with the Carl T. Center Hunting and Fishing Museum and Heritage Park Trails located on the north side of Mitchell State Park near the Canal, the Carl T. Johnson Nature Preserve can be found a ½ mile...

When exploring our trails please be cognizant of other trail users around you and respect our natural resources. We are proud partners of Leave No Trace & Tread Lightly!


Select a trail to access downloadable maps, GPS information, trailhead locations, amenities and more.

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