Follow along with us each week when Caddy explores the Cadillac area with an A to Z look at all the fun things to see and do. This week…J is for Java at Cadillac JAVA!

Once the wind picked up and it cooled off this week, I wanted something warm to drink! I found a place that had a cup on the sign and thought I’d get something there.


Now I know what Cadillac Java is! I even got to try a special drink called the Lucky Irishman Mocha. I hear that has something to do with a holiday coming up soon?

Next, I went to visit a friend over in Lake City (you’ll see more about that adventure soon) and found the Shoreline Café. It was a cute and cozy shop where I had my first espresso. WOWZA – now I’m really ready to rock!

And speaking of, I’ve heard about a rock band that visited Cadillac once. I may have to find out more about that for next week!