This week, I traveled to the Waldeck Nature Preserve on Stone Ledge Lake! This 11-acre nature preserve has a 1.2 mile trail, a viewing deck, and lots of wildlife. The Waldeck Nature Preserve is only 5 miles from the Cadillac West area.

When on the trail, keep an eye out for stumps and roots! There are various paths that branch from the trail towards the water. It was so much fun seeing the ducks and fish!

I felt immersed in nature as soon as I entered the parking lot, which is a simple plot of grass, surrounded by trees. To the left of the parking lot is the viewing deck, while the trail is off towards the right. The view from this platform is amazing! You can see tall grass, water, and the trees ahead!

There are so many beautiful views and places to take pictures! The viewing platform was gorgeous, but there is stunning scenery everywhere on this preserve.

Make sure to bring bug spray and sunscreen on your trip to the Waldeck Nature Preserve! And remember, the only trace you should leave are your footprints (…or pawprints). Do not forget to brush your feet though!