Chris Vincent & Lisa Kimbel, Wexford County Buck Pole & Hunting Advocates

This award recognizes an individual who has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND in their effort to support the mission of the Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau through continuous involvement and leadership.   The award winner joins the ranks of Brian Chapman (2013), Steve Birdwell (2014), Carol Hill (2015), Jim Neff (2016), and Michele Owings Andrews (2017) and Lindsey Westdorp (2018).

Passionate, forthright, smart and engaging are ways to describe Chris & Lisa.  Tonight they is being appreciated for their dedication and passion over the past 4+ years for helping create the Wexford County Buck Pole in Manton every fall, as well as assisting with various Hunting related programming such as Hunting Works for Michigan activities.    They’ve spent many hours of their time and weekends at festivals selling tickets to support the Buck Pole and ensure most everyone that attends walks away with a prize.  Their tenacity to run the event and the raffle and learn the process of creating an everlasting event is amazing.   Chris comes into our office and is always ready to help as much as he’s ready to ensure the success of his projects.