This week’s Golf Weekly Tip from the Tee is coming to you from Lakewood on the Green. Tucked away in the heart of Northern Michigan, a tranquil escape from everyday life infused with allurement, splendor and wholehearted spirits. Lakewood is an intimate setting featuring 300 acres of rolling terrain, sprawling pines and hardwood, shimmering lakes, natural wildlife and sweeping views.

It’s time to experience Lakewood on the Green.

This Week’s Tip: How to hit the ball more solidly when you are chipping around the green.

When chipping, you will be using a wedge where the leading edge of the golf club is coming into the golf ball first. In order to have the most basic foundation on chipping, there are 3 things that we have to keep in mind at all times. These 3 things include:

  1. Where do I want my weight?
    • It must be forward. If your weight is backwards you will end up trying to scoop the ball and hit either the middle of the ball or the top of the ball.
  2. How do I position my hands?
    • Your hands must always be in front of the club head. If your hands come behind the club head you will not make solid ball contact.
  3. Do I want a low running shot, or a higher and shorter shot?
    • Lower Running Shot: Play off of your back foot
    • Higher Shot: Play off of your front foot

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