Winter Paddling in Cadillac

In the winter months, our waterways sparkle with scenic winter beauty and provide adventures for those ready for a different paddling experience.

The same rivers that are popular spots to drop in an oar  in the warmer months offer a new paddling experience when the snow flies. The Big Manistee River and Pine River are two rivers within an hour of each other and access points can be found within 30 minutes of downtown Cadillac.  The Big Manistee is known for its wide, smooth flowing waters, while the Pine is known throughout the country for its swift currents and challenging turns. So, take your pick, and experience Cadillac Michigan.

Pine River Paddlesport Logo

Pine River Paddlesports Center

Due to the interest of Pine River winter paddling pictures and videos, Pine River Paddlesport Center has added guided winter rafting trips to their offerings.

All trips will be guided for safety reasons, but folks have the option of either paddling by themselves in the raft while the guide takes a canoe, or having the guide paddle in the raft with them.

Winter Paddling Tips

  • Be careful of ice build-up on banks on near switchbacks, just bumping this ice can tip your watercraft.
  • Winter waterways can be colder than you realize. Place a heavy wool blanket in the bottom of your watercraft, even if it is insulated, to help you stay warm for your day on the water.
  • Take two dry bags with a full change of clothing. Getting wet and staying wet for a long period of time can be dangerous.
  • You will need long waterproof gloves that cover to the middle of your arm. Keeping your hands dry is a necessity.

Listen to why paddling this time of year is so special