Follow along with us each week when Caddy explores the Cadillac area with an A to Z look at all the fun things to see and do. This week…K is for KISStory in Cadillac!


Now that all the snow has melted away and spring is officially here TOMORROW, I thought it was a good time for another self-guided tour through town!

I had heard that Cadillac has a lot of cool historical landmarks but this one is definitely seems to be the newest of the bunch! So I started my tour at the giant granite KISS Monument next to the High School football field.

People at KISS memorial

The 2.5 mile long walking tour hits all of the Cadillac KISStorical sites that have become famous since the rock n’ roll band KISS paid a visit to Cadillac in 1975. There are four special plaques for you to view around town and each marker features classic photos and an explanation of why the spot is significant in the story. Or if you head to you can take the virtual version of the tour with Jim Neff, the 1975 Assistant High School Football Coach, where he tells about some of the highlights that go along with each location and the story of how the school’s football team brought the up and coming rock band to our small town!

You can learn more about when Cadillac made KISStory by clicking here!