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Fire Lane (No Crossing)

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Road End Access
Parking Area
Road leading to the Parking Area
Access at the Rivers Edge
Road End AccessParking AreaRoad leading to the Parking AreaAccess at the Rivers Edge

Fire Lane is a primitive road end access site at the end of 23 road. The only way to access this site is from the south, as there is no bridge crossing.  There are no amenities onsite and the site only offers a dirt/gravel parking area about 100' from the waters edge.  The launch is a gravel road end.

Float Times: 2 Hour Float TO Harvey Bridge  |  3.5 Hour Float FROM Baxter Bridge

River/Lake Amenities:
  • No FEE Area - No Vehicle Pass Required
  • Parking - Dirt/Gravel
  • Dirt/Gravel Launch