Hi, I’m Caddy Bear!

Normally by now I’m already zonked out to sleep for a while, but this past year was just weird for me, and maybe it was for you too? I saw a lot more people out hiking and wondered what was happening for so many people to want to be outside like me. I decided to peek out and follow the path to where all the people were going after they left my forest.

Would you believe I saw all those cars going past, and nobody would stop to pick me up! It took a while to walk that far but I’m glad I did. I found some really good food and friendly people. Finally, I found a place with a question mark sign. By that time, I surely had a lot of questions.

They brought me inside and gave me a mask to cover my snout (still trying to figure this all out), a cozy sweatshirt to wear, my own office space and even a name! I quickly learned what a Zoom call was and decided I think I’d rather go back outside and play. Maybe that’s why the people were out in the forest. I’ve never done a lot of these things I see you people doing, though. Why don’t you just catch the fish with your paws? And why do you go up a hill just to come right back down it?

Will you help me on this adventure?