Follow along with us each week when Caddy explores the Cadillac area with an A to Z look at all the fun things to see and do. This week…I is for Ice Fishing!

With the temperatures warming up this week and since our lakes have lost a bit of ice over the last couple of weeks, I thought I’d better try my luck at ice fishing because time is quickly running out!

Since I’m a newbie to fishing in the winter time I started with a visit to Pilgrims Village Fishing Shop to grab some gear. I was hoping to talk with Steve, because I hear he is the best HUMAN resource around here related to any kind of fishing. WOW – what a selection of supplies and equipment – every thing you would need to find success out on the lakes!

Even though I’ve been fishing in the river with my paws for years, I’ve never seen anyone try to cut a hole in the ice to get a fish. Must be an up north winter thing, but it’s pretty fun and I stay a lot drier. The skies were blue and the weather was great! It was nice to see a different view of Cadillac from out in the middle of the frozen lake.

I’m sorry to admit that my biggest catch wasn’t edible! I’d better bring this glove to the “lost and found” back at the bait shop.

I did learn too, that the 2021 Michigan Fishing Licenses are now on sale too. I wonder if bears need them too??