Who Shops Local?


Make the pledge to shop local this holiday season and help us find Caddy Bear!

Caddy is out exploring local businesses (and a few landmarks) and everything they have to offer. Use the list of clues below that he wrote to search for him around town during this holiday season!

How many Caddy Bears can you find? 🐾
1. A storied building where Caddy penned these clues, it has a great view of the Cadillac News.

2. With welcoming smiles and for a worthy cause, this wonderful staff always leaves us in awe.

3. A cool place to turn the pages and geek on poems that rhyme, you can also grab a coffee while you pass the time.

4. Clues are easy to unravel if you “understand the assignment” and everyone loves this family consignment.

5. With a colorful bird and not many seats, this hometown foodie favorite is so hard to beat.

6. A long-standing kitchen that really cranks out the pies, you will love what you’re served but don’t ask for fries.

7. If you can’t live without it you will know where to go – amazing varieties to help you perk up and keep warm in the snow.

8. All natural, rare finds with your best health in mind.

9. All decked out for Christmas in a down-home style, with a variety of décor as long as the Nile.

10. Every kid’s dream this time of year, you will find Caddy among the Legos, games and fun found here.

11. A uniquely named boutique filled with fun ladies’ fashion, you will find it in the heart of downtown when shopping is your passion.

12. With alternative things you can’t find every place, this shop now carries items for disc golf and skateboarding while sporting a funny blue face.

13. You can choose a soup, sandwich, caramel corn and more – so many things in just this one single store.

14. Home décor that comes both rustic and sleek, you will find what you need here for your “up north” retreat.

15. Wall to wall treats as far as you can see, there’s no way you will leave without an item or three.

16. Beautiful window scenes with many colors and styles, this corner-wide store attracts shoppers for miles.

17. A slice of heaven is what they claimed, you won’t see us argue – their offerings are famed.

18. A little pampering and fashion can go a long way, this retail shop combo can make for a full shopping day.

19. New and used, vintage or antique – you will find a different treasure every few feet.

20. It’s nearly time to hibernate but what will Caddy need? A good long sleep in a comfy place, come and follow his lead.

21. The perfect summer spot for some lakeside musical glee and you can bet the performers are in the right key.

22. A store with a taste for the finer things but patience is key. Fired up each morning, you will see smoke rise from the heat.

23. Providing leadership and support they are very well-versed; our friends in this office put Cadillac businesses first.

24. When you are in search of real estate it can be tough, this wonderful office downtown is more than enough.

25. Special bonus clue: From these branches you can plainly see the lake, the Shay and the fountain – it’s a true Christmas scene.

Once you find a bear, follow the instructions below to be entered into our grand prize drawing for a Cadillac Swag Bag package from the Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau, including $100 in local shopping certificates!

Once you have found him, please keep leave him there for others to find too!

Snap a selfie and post on Facebook or Instagram, tagging the store you’re at now and @VisitCadillac and adding the hashtag #CaddyShopsLocal.

The more Caddy Bears you find and post with this hashtag, the more entries you’ll have into our grand prize drawing!

*The winner will be randomly drawn on Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021.