At the Governor’s Pure Michigan conference in Grand Rapids this past week, Jennifer Salisbury of Evergreen Resort was awarded the first Pure Michigan Shining Star Award. The award is to recognize the front-line stars that take customer service to the next level and ensure their guests receive the best experience possible.

Jennifer has increased the golf group market from 60 to over 110 groups annually over the last 2 years and is currently close to her goal of 120 this year. Her continued commitment to her customer has ensured the return of more than 60 percent of her groups to the Cadillac Area. Additionally she works with the other seven golf courses in the Cadillac Area to fully coordinate the golf groups play and over-all trip to Cadillac.

Joining her at the conference award dinner was Joy VanDrie and Kathy Morin from the Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau who nominated her, Phil Himes and Nick Oatley from Evergeen Resort, and Emileigh Salisbury, her daughter, from Fox Hill Event Center.

“Over 300 people at the dinner gave Jennifer a standing ovation in recognition of the New Shining Star Award and how important it is to have people like a Jennifer in the industry setting the bar in customer service”, says Joy VanDrie, executive director of the Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau. “It’s not easy to follow the groups and have 3-4 of them each weekend, keep everyone happy, and she’s done an amazing job, it’s well deserved.”