KISStory Tour

Experience the Cadillac KISStory Tour, a 2.5 mile walking tour of the Cadillac KISStorical sites that have become famous since the 1975 KISS visit to Cadillac. The CAVB has placed four KISStorical plaques around Cadillac. Music fans can now walk from plaque to plaque.

Each all-weather marker features classic photos and an explanation of why the spot is significant in the story. Plus, by going to, they can bring up audio/video of Jim Neff, the 1975 Assistant Coach, telling about some of the highlights that go along with each location.

Download the brochure with map below or read more about this moment in history on our blog.

WNEM’s “Michigan Road Trips” Segment

Navigating through History

Are you looking to dive deeper into the history and culture of the Greater Cadillac area? The Wexford County Historical Society (WCHS) Museum is the right place for you. With artifacts, photographs, maps, paintings, documents and exhibits of daily life in...

Cadillac Sculptures and Monuments

by Erica Beham Since it’s days a lumber town, Cadillac has been rich with history. Today, you can travel throughout downtown and see what used to be and what still is. Monuments and sculptures are placed in remembrance of significant figures and times in Cadillac’s...

The Cadillac KISStory Project Announced

In 1975, KISS was an outrageous band from New York City on the cusp of what would later become superstardom. On the other end of the spectrum was the small northern Michigan town of Cadillac. How they came together to celebrate the Cadillac High School homecoming has...

The Mystery of the Canal

A WINTER MYSTERY ON THE CANALHave you ever visited the canal connecting Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell?  Built as a lifeline during the logging era in the late 1800s, the canal has a mystery that many notice every winter.  The lakes will freeze and the...

Life in Early Marion: Cabin Style

Looking to get your history fix? Take a visit to the Marion Historical Museum located at: 505 S Mill St. Marion, MI 49665. The museum is dedicated to preserving the history and artifacts of Marion, Michigan and the surrounding area, and will be sure to...

Touring Old Cadillac

Touring Old CadillacStep back in time and explore the key historic buildings that were built during the thriving lumber era in Cadillac. Many of these buildings still stand proudly today. See the map below that corresponds to the numbered items underneath....

2 Lakes, A Canal, A Railroad & A Bit of History

2 Lakes, A Canal, A Railroad & A Bit of History When George Mitchell, timber seeker, arrived on the eastern shore of Little Clam Lake (later Lake Cadillac) in 1871, two events that year led him to establish his community quickly at the site. The Great...

Greater Cadillac Area ‘Time Traveling Tour’

Are you looking to immerse yourself into the local history and culture? The Greater Cadillac Area has seven museums available to you throughout the summer, all located within 30 minutes of Cadillac. Spend some time traveling to each location and experience...

Cadillac Stories

Find the latest news and stories about the Cadillac region.  Our team of local writers dig deep into the region’s culture and provide our travel community the latest about entertainment, art, culture, trails, seasons and so much more.

We welcome you to explore Cadillac.





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In 1975, KISS took over Cadillac on Homecoming weekend. In 2015 outside the Veterans Memorial Stadium where they had performed 40 years ago, a [...]
Veterans Memorial Stadium, Linden Street, Cadillac, MI, USA, Michigan
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