This week’s “Tips From the Tee” is from Antioch Hills Golf Club. Antioch Hills Golf Club is formerly known as The Briar at Mesick but is now under new management for Antioch Hills Golf Club. The 18-hole course stretches out to 5,817 yards from the back tees and shrinks down to 4,000 yards from the front tees with a par of 71. Antioch Hills Golf Club is a public course located in Mesick, Michigan. It offers breathtaking views, a serene atmosphere, and is suitable for all skill levels.

The Course

Antioch Hills Golf Club was designed in and built-in 1989 by Orin Bishop. The course has sneaky difficult holes, with large doglegs, strategically placed hazards, and some tight fairways. The course requires players to be creative with their shots, and choose their clubs wisely. Clubbing up and going for a fairway can pay off huge dividends, or leave you hitting out of bounds or in a hazard.

The course is conveniently located right off M-115, just 19 miles west of downtown Cadillac. It is a mere 1 mile southeast from downtown Mesick.

The Tees

Hole 14 at Antioch Hills Golf Club is a 209-yard par 3. Like every other hole on the course, there is a little sign on the hole sign that explains what the player needs to look out for when playing that hole. Hole 14’s sign reads “A tough par 3. Watch the bunkers on the right and elevated approach on the left.” These warnings are extremely helpful when playing the course for the first time and help players stay out of unknown trouble. 

Mesick High School Head Golf Coach and Pro Shop Assistant Scott Phillips helped Dawson and Nate learn how to play the hole. He explained that the ideal shot is to play a fade from the left side of the green into the middle of the green (for a righty). This will help the player avoid all obstacles and ideally only have to worry about the green. If played correctly the player will be on in regulation and have the opportunity to two-putt for a par.

Taking the advice into account Dawson and Nate, they hit the tees. Nate grabbed his 4-hybrid and let it eat. Unfortunately, he had a bit too much club and ended up a little deep and left of the green. After watching Nate hit a bit deep, Dawson clubbed down and grabbed his 6-iron and struck the ball quite well. He had the right club and was able to stick the green.


Nate now had a bit of a skillful shot ahead of him. He had an uphill lie in some thicker rough, having to gap a gorgeous, newly constructed retaining wall to the elevated green. With lob wedge in hand, he swung down on the ball, making sure to keep his head down and make a solid pass at the ball. Everything went to plan, with the ball plopping about 8 feet from the hole and rolling up to around 4 feet. Nate tapped it in for a matter of fact par.


Dawson had a really tough birdie putt, but on in regulation nonetheless. The putt was around 25 feet, so he had very little room for error. He read the green for a brief moment and was ready to drain it. Dawson pulled the club back and gave it a whack. The ball moved dramatically from right to left, then left to right and eventually dropped in the cup. Chirp chirp! Birdie time. 

What’s Going On?

Prior to Antioch Hills, previous ownership had a track record of having poor customer service, and the course not being in the best shape. New owners, Tom and Sandi Spencer, along with a very competent maintenance staff are set on changing the ways and turning things around. The Mesick natives have now owned the course for two years, and there have been vast improvements with the signs, landscaping, the gate at the entrance, and most importantly customer service. 

Antioch Hills Golf Club has leagues going out on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, as well as affordable golf, $45 for 18 holes on the weekend, which includes a cart. There are discounts for juniors, seniors, and active military members. Memberships are available at a competitive rate, which includes not only unlimited golf but a 10% discount on golf balls, tees, and apparel. The membership also includes discounts for guests. There is also a driving range on-site to get that swing dialed in. Come out and enjoy some local golf and support the community-driven Antioch Hills!


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