Get ready to pick quart after quart as the blueberry season approaches, bringing with it bites of bursting summer flavors. Every year at the end of July and through the month of August, anticipation grows as the blueberry bushes prepare to offer delicious fruit for all to enjoy! Check out three ways that you can enjoy blueberries this season.

Visit the Harrietta Blueberry Festival

Nestled in the picturesque town of Harrietta, visitors can indulge in a wide array of blueberry-themed treats as we celebrate a vibrant blueberry season that is in full swing.

From blueberry pies and pancakes to freshly picked berries sold by local farmers, this festival also features live music, arts, crafts, and various activities for all ages. This makes for a fun-filled day for the entire family, whether you’re a blueberry fan or simply looking for a charming summer festival.

Harrietta’s Blueberry Hill

Bring your family and friends and pick your own blueberries! Also located in Harrietta, just 20 minutes west of Cadillac – Blueberry Hill is a renowned landmark known for its picturesque blueberry fields, offering visitors a beautiful setting amidst rolling hills and lush greenery. It can be a busy place during the blueberry festival weekend, so you can stop there earlier in July when they first open or in the weeks following, all the way up to Labor Day, if conditions are favorable. With rows upon rows of vibrant blueberry bushes, Blueberry Hill provides the perfect backdrop for a leisurely outdoor family adventure.

Double the Berries at Double L. Farms

Looking for more than blueberries? Visit Double L. Farms and get double the berries – blueberries and raspberries! You can find this family-owned farm on the outskirts of Cadillac and they invite all to immerse themselves in the joys of berry picking. The farm offers a unique opportunity to handpick your own berries as you wander through the well-tended fields – enjoying the freshest and most flavorful fruits straight from the vine. Whether you’re searching for the best seasonal ingredients for a homemade pie or simply want to experience the pleasure of harvesting your own berries, Double L Farms is a perfect destination.