Custom-Wrapped 2024 Jeep Wrangler Hits the Road to Expand Visitor Outreach at Local and State Events

 A new Jeep driving around with a bear may be spotted in Michigan this spring. It’s not an escaped zoo animal in a stolen vehicle – rather, it’s the “Caddy Wagon,” a new mobile visitor center promoting the Greater Cadillac area, with Cadillac’s Caddy Bear mascot in tow. 

The newest visitor outreach endeavor by the Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau (CAVB), this custom-wrapped 2024 Jeep Wrangler Sport S operating as a mobile visitor center will hit the road this spring to share visitor information about the Cadillac area at attractions and events both locally and around the state. 

“One of our focus areas is to continually improve the visitor experience,” said Kathy Morin, executive director of the Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau. “We have seen this mobile visitor center concept implemented by destinations in other states – and to our knowledge, we are one of the only Michigan visitor bureaus doing this. We hope this new approach will reach more people and help build awareness of the many exciting activities and experiences in the Cadillac area.”

Leased from Betten Baker CDJR in Cadillac, the Jeep-turned Caddy Wagon is outfitted in a custom-designed exterior wrap by Krazy Kat Signs in Manton with the visitor bureau’s green and gray brand colors and logo, along with icons showing all the recreational activities in the Cadillac area. Beyond being used as a company vehicle, CAVB staff will park the vehicle and set it up as a pop-up visitor center where they can distribute print materials, Cadillac swag and other destination information where large crowds of people are gathered. By this summer, the vehicle will include additional functionality in the trunk/tailgate area for display purposes, including a roll-out canopy and a custom designed, self-serve information kiosk to hold materials. 

“We are excited to introduce this inventive new concept from the Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau,” said CAVB Board President Pete Finch. “The Caddy Wagon will help our team distribute important information to our visitors where they are already gathering – whether at a signature event in Cadillac, or at a welcome center or trade show in another part of the state.”

Here are just a few of the places you will be able to see the Caddy Wagon in action in 2024:

The CAVB envisions additional uses of the vehicle such as visiting targeted sites to distribute topical information about a specific activity (e.g., Tread Lightly! information at an ORV trailhead), as well as for visitor intercept surveys to gather feedback about the destination. Organizations who wish to request the Caddy Wagon and/or Caddy Bear to visit their event can contact the CAVB at (231) 775-0657.

The Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau is operated as a 501C6, under the Michigan Public Act 59, under the jurisdiction of MEDC/Travel Michigan. Through PA59 we collect an assessment from our visitors of 5% through hotel fees from the 16 lodging properties within our district.