Mitchell State Park in Cadillac, Michigan is back and better than ever! Following a months long period of site renovations, this beloved park invites visitors to experience upgraded amenities and reconnect with nature. From improved facilities to a variety of outdoor activities, the reopening of Mitchell State Park marks a new chapter for campers to enjoy.

Enhanced Facilities & Improved Accesibility

The reopening of Mitchell State Park brings with it a range of enhanced facilities designed to elevate visitors’ experiences. The South bath house, which dates back to 1970, underwent a complete transformation to meet current ADA standards and the high-quality benchmarks set by Michigan State Parks. All roads within the campground, parking lots, and ADA accessible pads have been repaved, providing smooth access for campers. The park also boasts newly redone jug fillers as a major new convenience.

Renewed Campsites & Appreciation For Nature

Alongside facility improvements, Mitchell State Park took the opportunity to revitalize the campsite pads, making them more comfortable for campers. Some sites were realigned and tree work was carried out, further enhancing the camping experience. As a testament to their commitment to generations to come, the park staff planted 17 new trees, contributing to the park’s beauty and sustainability. These enhancements create an ideal setting for visitors to immerse themselves in nature’s tranquility, appreciate the lush surroundings, and create cherished memories.

Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center

Adjacent to Mitchell State Park, the Carl T. Johnson Center adds an extra dimension to the park experience. Offering diverse programs for outdoor enthusiasts, visitors can participate in fishing, shooting, archery, and pellet gun programs. With the Heritage Nature Trail that loops into the forest behind the building, the center caters to all ages and interests. Additionally, programs like hunter safety, camping skills, birding, and tree identification further enrich visitors’ knowledge and appreciation of Michigan’s great outdoors. Get the details here!

A Boating & Angling Paradise

Uniquely situated between Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell, Mitchell State Park offers boaters and anglers a true paradise. The historic Canal connecting the two lakes gives additional opportunities for water-based adventures. Boaters, paddlers and fisherman all have room to roam and these lakes also are home to a wide variety of fish species. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or new to the experience, the park’s idyllic setting and now enhanced facilities are sure to delight all those who visit.