Excited to bring you this week’s “Tips From the Tee” from Lakewood on the Green. Lakewood on the Green features a 6,047-yard par 70, 18 holes. The 18-hole course features 300 acres of rolling terrain, sprawling pines and hardwood, shimmering lakes, natural wildlife, and sweeping views.

The Course

Father and son team Norm & Pete Smith took 7 years to build the original course which first opened in 1980. By 1985, Lakewood on the Green was rated as “Michigan’s toughest, prettiest nine-hole golf course” in The Wedge (National Golf Foundation Market Report). 

Only 8 miles outside of downtown Cadillac and 7 miles from US-131 exit 176, Lakewood is extremely accessible to out-of-towners.

Adam Hodges, Director of Golf, helped Nate and Dawson understand signature hole number 10. Hole number 10 at Lakewood on the Green is a 356-yard par 4. Adam explains that the hole is quite tough, with the entire right side of the hole being water. The fairway slants from left to right naturally, so his advice is to hit the ball on the left side of the fairway and let the ball move to the center or even to the right side of the fairway.

The Game

The 10th hole appears to be a simple and easy hole. There are no sand bunkers on the hole, and the green is not small by any means. But, the tough part is the water on the right mixed with the fairway and green all slanting to the right, towards the water.

Tee Box

Dawson and Nate tee’d up with Adam’s advice in mind. Dawson hit first and absolutely striped one about 270 yards down the middle. Nate naturally hits a bit of a slice, so he tee’d up on the right side of the tee box and aimed left. He hit his 3 wood a little thin and ended up about 180 yards from the green just onto the right rough.


Nate pulled out his 5 iron and made his best attempt to put the ball close. He struck it quite well and hit it about 170, leaving only a 10-foot birdie putt or so. Dawson’s drive left him with only 80 odd yards to the pin, which required a cheeky 56-degree wedge to the hole. He, unfortunately, caught the ball a bit thick and didn’t quite make it to the green.

Before Dawson’s third shot Adam made sure to reiterate that the green all slopes from left to right, so to have a desirable putt Dawson should putt the ball on the left side of the green and let it trickle down to the cup. With the 56-degree wedge still in hand, he did just that. An absolutely beautifully struck ball left him with a routine 2.5-foot putt for par.

The Green

Nate was on in regulation, but with a lot of work left to do. He spent quite some time reading the green due to a large mound between him and the cup. He didn’t really know if the ball was going to move left or right after peaking the small mound. Nate didn’t want to attack the cup in hopes of a birdie, so he played it safe and attempted to let it die right at the hole. His distance was nearly perfect but aimed a bit too far right. He was able to knock down the par putt from 3 feet.


A pair of pars are in thanks to Adam for his great advice on playing the slope of not only the green but also the fairway, in addition to staying left on the tee shot to avoid the water. 

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